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Tax Services

Tax Returns
Our team continually monitors federal, state and local tax law changes so we can assist our clients in minimizing any current or future tax burden. We frequently attends seminars and participates in webinars to maintain up-to-date tax knowledge.

We offer preparation services for all income tax returns required by the Internal Revenue Service and your applicable State and Local taxing authority.

  • Individual
  • Unincorporated Business (Schedule C)
  • C-Corporations
  • S-Corporations
  • Limited Liability Corporations/Limited Liabilities Partnerships (LLC’s/LLP’s)
  • Partnerships (all forms)
  • Estates
  • Foreign-earned income and Non-Resident returns

In addition we offer preparation services for tax returns required under Federal or State law for employment, sales and excise tax.

  • Employment
  • Sales Tax
  • Excise Tax

Tax Planning
As a client’s tax circumstance can change from year to year, we offer tax planning services year round. Whether a client receives an employee bonus or sells a rental property, we can assist in accurately calculating the potential tax liability while coordinating the estimated tax payments to best suit the client’s financial condition. At any time during the year please do not hesitate to contact us with your tax planning questions; you do not have to wait until your annual tax appointment.

Tax Research
Our knowledgeable staff can provide tax research for both clients and attorneys who have complicated tax issues that must be researched before any action can be taken. We have worked closely with many attorneys in providing clients with a “second opinion” on complex tax and tax planning matters.

IRS or State Tax Audit Representation
Should a current, former or prospective client be selected for an audit by the Internal Revenue Service or any of the State taxing authorities, we can represent them by appearing on their behalf, or communicate with the applicable agency. Should the client wish to represent themselves at the audit, we can offer advice and consultation on how to proceed.